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  • Understanding Skydiving Terms

    Understanding Skydiving Terms

    There are a lot of terms in the skydiving lexicon that are used so frequently that we often forget that those on the outside of the sport don't know what they mean. We clear up any potential confusion:

    August 26, 2014
  • Top 5 Skydiving Movies

    Top 5 Skydiving Movies

    There have been some great movies that showcase skydiving - some are fantastic and some terrible (see Cutaway) movies. This list represents the mose influential skydiving movies of all time!

    August 15, 2014
  • Instructor Profile: Erika Dufort

    Instructor Profile: Erika Dufort

    If you've jumped at South Shore in the last couple of years, there's a good chance that you've either chatted with or jumped with Erika Dufort. Erika is the woman who makes everything possible and runs the show at Skydive South Shore. As a tandem skydiving instructor and the person who handles the day to day operations, Erika is the glue that holds the place together.

    June 27, 2014

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This place rocks! I am so happy that I chose South shore for my first skydiving experience!

» Ely D.